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I havent made any changes to the community since i started so i changed everything in the userinfo including new buttons, icons, etc.
I will also be changing the layout soon.
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sorry for not being able to post often...I have been busy with classes but I will try to post often.
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Pokiri's Preview

Beautiful :  Prince Mahesh Webbie
Official Pokiri Webbie by Fanz :


Pokiri - Action unlimited
IndiaGlitz  [Thursday, March 30, 2006]

The Prince of Telugu cinema, it maybe recalled, was introduced as a chocolate box hero. He was seen as romantic, soft-focus hero for the youth set. But Mahesh Babu has come a long way since then.

Now the Prince has grown up to be a man of the masses. Even though he continues to shine in love themes, he has a new context ---an action hero.

Okkadu made him to be a action hero. He built it up through films like Athadu. He hopes to reach new levels in that through Pokiri.

Pokiri is, in a sense, his coming of age as an action and mass hero.

A film that has been made at record speeds (by Mahesh's standards), Pokiri is an action adventure that has all the other ingredients. The film started in November and is now all ready.

Directed by the redoubtable Puri Jaganadh, Pokiri is produced by Mahesh's brother Manjula.
Mahesh has reveled in this mass entertainer.

As Puri says Mahesh is a master of early collections. His Athadu had a remarkable opening. They now want to build on that all through.

Ileana, who is very active on the circuit, is the heroine.

The beautiful actress, who was very compelling with her performance in Devadasu, has oozed glamour in Pokiri.

The songs have been shot in places like Thailand (in the picturesque Phuket island).

The film is almost complete and the audio is expected in a couple of days.(EDIT: it's released today)

Check TRAILERS of POKIRI movie  

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Indian filmmaker wraps movie in 2 hrs 14 min

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - An Indian film maker has attempted a world record by finishing a 74-minute feature, loosely based on Terri Schiavo's protracted right-to-die battle that gripped the United States in 2005, in 2 hours and 14 minutes. 

Engineer-turned-director Jayaraj's "Atbhutam" (Wonder) tries to capture the drama of mercy-killing in the last hour-and-a-half in the life of a US-based Indian-born playwright suffering from pancreatic cancer.

"I felt the power. When we started at 11.46 a.m., the whole crew was in a trance ... a kind of invisible energy, and we were just flying one from one sequence to the other," 45-year-old Jayaraj told Reuters by phone from the city of Hyderabad.

"And just before the last shot, when my associate said 'one shot left', that's when I realized my dream is finally going to come true."

The record-breaking attempt has been forwarded to the Guinness Book of World Records with authentication letters from Ramanaidu, himself listed as the most prolific producer with 110 films, and an official from the Andhra Pradesh state government, who were present for filming.

Jayaraj opted for an Oregon hospital as his setting since the state's 1997 "Death with Dignity Act" made physician-assisted suicide legal.

Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman brain-damaged for 15 years, and her husband fought a protracted legal battle that gripped the United States before her feeding tube was removed in March, 2005.

Jayaraj approached studios in the United States and Britain five years ago with a story on mercy killing inspired by a euthanasia plea on behalf of an Indian chess player and muscular dystrophy patient by his mother who wanted to donate his organs.

"I originally wanted to make the movie in less than 10 hours. They all discouraged me since the producers couldn't imagine a movie getting completed in such a short time," said Jayaraj, who produced the movie, filmed in December, himself.
Indian film maker Jayaraj (L) at a studio in the southern city of Hyderabad, December 19, 2005. Jayaraj has attempted a world record by finishing a 74-minute feature, loosely based on Terri Schiavo's protracted right-to-die battle that gripped the United States in 2005, in 2 hours and 14 minutes. REUTERS/Handout

"Atbhutam" is scheduled for an end-March release.

The Schiavo saga reaffirmed the multiple award winning director's belief his was an idea whose time has come.

"The Schivao story where we had a husband supporting euthanasia and the patient's parents opposing it, inspired me to do the story again," he said.

"Atbhutam" portrays the dilemma of the playwright's attorney wife, who supports his wish to die, and his old parents who were unaware of such a thing until they meet him in the hospital.

Jayaraj, a veteran of 26 films including "Atbhutam," has won critical acclaim for his brand of experimental cinema.

He avoided multi-camera shoots for his world record attempt and instead used three separate cameras which he moved from one setting to the other.

"We'd planned things, including the lighting, in such minute details, that within a couple of minutes of canning one shot, the lighting for the next scene was switched on and the floor was made ready," said S. Kumar, the film's director of photography. 

Sources Yahoo: Yahoo Link , Yahoo Pic

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Flash news--arthi agarwal

Aarthi Agarwal,telugu actress is in serious conditions fighting for life at apollo hospitals in hyd,ap.Media says that she has jumped from balcony in their apt and broke her collar bone&,sme bones and now is in COMA..
Her father says that she had slipped from steps in their apts..and was not good last..night...then her father gave her some some medicine  to recover her headaches or the morning..she was not quite making moments and admitted in the hospital..doctors examined her and said she's in coma,blood clot..they removed the blood clot..and but not quite sure and chances're riduculous that she might survive or die they can't say anything in btw these hrs and 24-hrs..
p.s. she had previously attempted suicide last yr..and now media it a suicide attempt again,anything happend,????
anyways..Lets hope aarthi to get well soon from coma and live her life.

Arti Agarwal in a critical condition

February 16, 2006

Film star Arti Agarwal is admitted in Apollo Hospital today morning (16th Feb 2006) due to head injury. Doctors treated it as emergency case as they found clotting of the blood in head and operated on her. Later on they admitted her in ICU. Doctors said that her condition will be critical for the next 24 hours.

About Arti Agarwal
Arti Agarwal made her debut in Hindi with a flop film Pagalpan. Her debut Telugu film Nuvvu Naaku Nachav created sensation and she had uninterrupted run till Nenunnanu film. She acted with almost all top heroes of Telugu film industry. She took a deliberate break after Nenunnanu film and went back to her home place New Jersey . Her last hit film was Sankranthi. Arti Agarwal is currently acting in Andala Ramudu with Sunil as hero. Shooting of songs for this film is pending. Arti Agarwal's younger sister Aditi Agarwal is also an actress.

We wish Arti Agarwal a speedy recovery.

Arthi in hospital, speculation mounts
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, February 16, 2006]

Arthi Agarwal is fighting for life at the Apollo Hospital.

She was admitted to the hospital last night for head injury. Sources say that she is in the ICU.

Now all manner of specualtion is doing the rounds as to whether it was accidental injury or is it a suicide attempt or is it something else at all.

Of course, the gossips are not very edifying.

Arthi, it may be recalled, had famously attempted suicide some time back.

Stay tuned for more.

read here in telugu

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sumanth and keerthi!

It’s barely been a year since actress Keerti Reddy wed her long-standing boyfriend of six years, actor Sumanth in a lavish ceremony, that it’s being alleged the marriage has run into troubled waters. This fairy tale marriage doesn’t seem to have a happily ever after ending. There are all kinds of stories doing the rounds. Keerti’s upbringing in the lap of luxury is being cited as one of the reasons, which caused a rift between the couple. As politician Ganga Reddy’s granddaughter she enjoyed all the comforts money could offer.

Sources claim Keerti wanted to start a chain of beauty parlours across the country and even host a talk show on television as she had given up her acting career and wanted to do something constructive with her time. She wanted her husband to help fund these projects and start the business as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Sumanth, unlike his well-to-do star uncle, is still working hard to make it big in the industry. Ironically, this will be the second divorce in the Akkineni family. Actor Nagarjuna separated from his first wife, Lakshmi, daughter of film producer Ramanaidu.

When we tried contacting Sumanth for his version, the actor refused to comment on his marital status. Keerti meanwhile has taken off to Bangalore to spend time with her mother who lives there. Her sister-in-law Shilpa Reddy says she has nothing to do with the issue but concedes, “Nothing has been decided as yet.” The latest rumour doing the rounds is that Keerti allegedly wants to give the marriage another shot but her husband Sumanth is keen on a separation and is not willing to forgive and forget.
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Siddharth has always been a ladies man.The young hero has played love-lorn youth in films like Boys, Yuva and NVNV.

But in his next Chukkallo Chandrudu, he is the one who will be chased.For there are three heroines pencilled to play the female leads.

Sources say Sada and Charmee have already been signed while another heroine will soon join the ranks.

The film is made by  Creative Commercials and also stars  ANR and Waheeda Rehman. Siva Kumar, an one-time associate of Mani Ratnam - is the director.

The movie will hit the floors later this month.

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The blockbuster Telugu movie Mass directed by choreographer turned actor Lawrence Raghavendra will speak in Tamil. The movie starring Nagarjuna and Jyothika ran to packed houses in Andhra Pradesh and Lawrence became a director to reckon with there.

Meanwhile efforts are on to dub the movie in Tamil. Titled Veeran in Tamil, the dubbing work for the movie is currently on. Veeran is expected for a release next month.

Based on the response to the film, Lawrence might accept to direct a movie in Tamil, says sources close to him.

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