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As reported by TotalTollywood earlier, Sada is roped up with Balayya for Ambika Cinema Productions Pvt. Ltd. The film is officially launched here at Ramanaidu studios on 25th June. AS Ravikumar Chowdary will direct Balakrishna and Sada for this film. Dasari Narayana Rao gave the first clap and EVV Satyanarayana switched on the camera. K.Raghavendra Rao directed the first shot.

Trisha Interview: 'I get what I deserve'

Normally, an actress whose debut film releases after much delay and ends up being a damp squib at the box office would be branded unlucky. Trisha should have been a classic example of this unfortunate phenomenon after her debut films in both Tamil and Telugu ended up being not much to write home about. But today, she's the uncrowned numero uno of Tollywood. With hits like Varsham, Nuvvastanante Nenodantana and Yuva, she has established herself as a creditable actor.

In the city to shoot producer Raghavendra Rao's new film, Trisha reveals why she's a cut above the rest. In a male-dominated industry, actresses sign films merely to be seen on screen playing opposite the top guns but not Trisha. "I've turned down certain films because my role wasn't good enough. Some actors may feel offended, but I realise that at the end of the day, I would have achieved nothing if I play a insignificant part. I'm aware that a film primarily sells because of its hero and that he gets paid more. But that's no reason to confine myself to doing the song and dance routines," she says. Experience has made her wiser, she explains. "I made some mistakes in Tamil and learnt from them. When Tirupachi released, I was disappointed that I didn't have a great role."
She's said to be the highest paid actress in Tollywood. But Trisha laughs it off with, "I get what I deserve. When producers don't mind paying me why do others have a problem?"

She dismisses the number one tag, too, saying, "At least 10 girls enter the industry everyday. Generally actresses have a short career span. Maybe after a few years I'll move on and start a restaurant of my own. I'll quit graciously before people get tired of me." Trisha adds matter-of-factly, "I want to get married and have kids at the right time. I admire Kajol and Simran for taking a break at the peak of their career and starting a family."

Among her forthcoming films, she's excited about Athadu, where she tries her hand at comedy for the first time. On the cards is another film directed by Prabhudeva. "I'm at a stage where I can experiment a little," she says thoughtfully. "Recently, a Tamil producer approached me for a remake of Missama. I love Bhoomika's role in that movie. This project is still in the initial stages."

Life's been a roller coaster ride for this former Miss Chennai, barring the morphed MMS clip episode. Having put the incident past her, she says, "It was shocking to see how people can morph pictures. For a month, I was suspicious and used to check my hotel room for spy cameras. I still don't let anyone click my photographs using a camera phone."

Source: Hyderabad Times

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