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'Anand' fame Raja is booked by another banner for the film 'Vennela'. He is already working for the film 'Mogudu Pellam Oka Dongodu' beside Shriya and also portrayed a special role in the film 'Oka Oorilo' starring Tarun and Saloni.

The new banner 'Fourth Dimension Entertainments' is making the film 'Vennela'. A fresh American-Indian teen is playing the female lead in the film.

Raja has also played a role in the film 'Aa Naluguru'.

Keeping pace with the hi-voltage Trisha can leave you a bit breathless. She talks nineteen to the dozen - that too with the velocity of a quizmaster in a rapid-fire round. The city is asleep at 11.30 p.m., but the model-turned-actress is all smiles. And not without reason. For life has finally come up orchids for her. With a diary that's crammed with call sheets, Trisha is straddling two cities - Chennai and Hyderabad, devouring every minute under the flashbulb.

Looks like Hyderabad has become your second home...

Not second, first. (Laughs) Just joking. But yes, there are plenty of offers. I'm doing "Athadu" with Mahesh Babu and there's a Raghavendra Rao film too. The budgets are big, and above all, I don't feel homesick in Hyderabad. I've picked up the language quite well.

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