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'Saakshi' Rangarao (Photo Courtesy: Eenadu)

Renowned actor 'saakshi' (Rangavajhula) Rangarao passed away yesterday (June 27) at 5:55 p.m. in Chennai. He was aged 63 years and survived by two sons and a daughter. He had been ill since May 05, and had been admitted in hospital since then. Kidney failure due to diabetes ultimately led to death, doctors said.

Ranghavajhula Rangarao is the son of Sree Lakshminarayana and Smt. Ranganayakamma of Kondiparru village near Gudivada. Starting from petty jobs, he became an actor with Bapu-Ramana's 'saakshi' (1967), and thus became 'saakshi' Rangarao. (Incidentally, his last son, who's an actor too, is known as 'saakshi' Shiva.) He acted in about 800 movies since then, and was casted in almost all movies of K. Viswanath and Bapu.

He excelled as a character artiste, comedian, and even as a villain in some movies such as Bapu's 'bangaaru picchuka'. His roles in K.Viswanath's SankaraabharaNam, saagara sangamam, and Srutilayalu are quite memorable. His limited appearance in movies such as Bapu's peLLi pustakam, tyaagayya and Chantabbai is cherished. He also acted in K. Viswanath's recent project swaraabhishEkam.

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