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nireekshana & oka oorilo movie reviews!

Film: Neerikshana
Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Sridevi, Rajesh, Naga Babu, Jyothi, Chandramohan, Surya, Ali, Dharmavarapu, and others
Music: Srilekha
Cinematography: Sarath
Art: B Venkateshwara Rao
Editor: K V Krishna Reddy
Produced by: D Ramanaidu
Story, screenplay, dialogues and Directed by: N Seetharam
Release Date: July 01, 2005

Here comes another amateurish and silly product from veteran producer D Ramanaidu’s Sri Suresh Productions. Tepid narration, no coherence in the scene format makes the audiences look for immediate exit doors. Except for good songs (by Srilekha) and excellent cinematography by Sarath, there is nothing much to write about the film.


Anu (Sridevi), a rich businessman’s (Naga Babu) daughter, is highly sensitive. In a practical joke, a jealous classmate of hers Monika sends wrong message to her father that she is about to elope with a boyfriend. Her father takes it seriously and locks her in a remote farmhouse situated amidst a forest. Meanwhile, Ravindra (Aryan Rajesh), a good for nothing guy, lands in that farmhouse to escape from police. After a futile kidnap drama and silly moral classes taken by Anu, our hero becomes good man and unites the daughter and father in the end.


In every scene you get a feeling of déjà vu. Uninspiring screenplay laced with a joke-scene-song-sentiment format, Neerikshana looks a forced love story. Actually Aryan Rajesh’ character is very villainous till the end of the climax and there is no love between the lead characters but it has been treated as a love story. Out of the blue dream songs appear, for every 5 minutes a vulgar joke sequence goes on.

Aryan Rajesh is okay but he looks out of sync with the film. Sridevi looks cute but her character is half-baked one. Ali, Daramavarapu, Jyothi and all other seem okay.

Srilekha, the master of lifting songs, delivers lilting music, carefully lifting hit tunes from Tamil films. Sarath’s cinematography, particularly picturisation of songs, is fantastic.

On the whole, avoidable film.

Oka Oorilo Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5
Caption: Routine Love theme
Banner: Friendly movies
Cast: Tarun, Raja, Saloni, Chandramohan, Ramaraju, Sunil, Naresh, and others.
Mysic: Devi Sri Prasad
Photography: Arjun
Songs: Ananth Sriram
Producer: Chanti Adala
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Ramesh Varma
Release Date : 1st Jul 2005

Seenu (Tarun), Ravi (Raja) and Lalitha (Saloni) are childhood friends. While Seenu and Lalitha stay back in the village, Ravi has to shift to Hyderabad, as his father (Naresh) launched an industry there. Now that Seenu and Lalitha are grown up and studying in the same college, their friendship turns into love. She is the daughter of a school teacher (Chandramohan), while Seenu’s parents are quite rich. But his father (Ramaraju) is a bit rough and tough guy. He is more attached to his younger sister who is away abroad. One day she arrives at the village and wants his brother to fulfill the promise he made to her to get his son Seenu married to her daughter (off screen character). By then Ravi and Lalitha reveal their love filled hearts to each other. But this proposal of Ravi’s father announcing that he should marry his sister’s daughter poses a big problem to the lovers. Even Lalitha’s father is highly concerned. The two decide to elope and Seenu’s mother (Yamuna) pities his son and gives him money and encourages to proceed with their plans.

They are now in Hyderabad. One Auto Johnny (Ali), cheats them and takes the entire money left with them. Lalitha pawns her gold bangles and gets their meal. That is when his childhood friend Ravi (Raja) suddenly reveals. They recognize each other. Ravi takes them his house. Initially his father (Naresh) takes pity on them and even promises of getting the married. And he gets a job for Seenu in some Courier firm. But Seenu, who is a bit lazy right form childhood, decides to go back to village, but only after they become man and wife. For that purpose he brings ‘Mangalasutram’ and insists on hastening the process of their marriage. But Lalitha is a bit adament to go slow. He disappears one day saying to that he was going on tour to Vijag. Later he is not seen.

Ravi starts taking care of Lalitha. He takes her to the village. Seenu’s parents say that their son has left for USA, to the shock of Lalitha. She takes lot of time to settle down.By then she lost her father too who suddenly died. And Ravi’s mother insults her at every opportunity and drives her out of the house. Only then Ravi comes out with the real story of what happened to Seenu and how sincere he was as to his love for Lalitha. The last part is set as suspense drama. He dies in an accident, leaving Lalitha to Ravi’s care.

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