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sumanth and keerthi!

It’s barely been a year since actress Keerti Reddy wed her long-standing boyfriend of six years, actor Sumanth in a lavish ceremony, that it’s being alleged the marriage has run into troubled waters. This fairy tale marriage doesn’t seem to have a happily ever after ending. There are all kinds of stories doing the rounds. Keerti’s upbringing in the lap of luxury is being cited as one of the reasons, which caused a rift between the couple. As politician Ganga Reddy’s granddaughter she enjoyed all the comforts money could offer.

Sources claim Keerti wanted to start a chain of beauty parlours across the country and even host a talk show on television as she had given up her acting career and wanted to do something constructive with her time. She wanted her husband to help fund these projects and start the business as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Sumanth, unlike his well-to-do star uncle, is still working hard to make it big in the industry. Ironically, this will be the second divorce in the Akkineni family. Actor Nagarjuna separated from his first wife, Lakshmi, daughter of film producer Ramanaidu.

When we tried contacting Sumanth for his version, the actor refused to comment on his marital status. Keerti meanwhile has taken off to Bangalore to spend time with her mother who lives there. Her sister-in-law Shilpa Reddy says she has nothing to do with the issue but concedes, “Nothing has been decided as yet.” The latest rumour doing the rounds is that Keerti allegedly wants to give the marriage another shot but her husband Sumanth is keen on a separation and is not willing to forgive and forget.
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