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STARRING : Mahesh Babu, Trisha, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood, Sunil, Bramhanandam, Kota

MUSIC :  Mani Sharma
DIRECTOR : Trivikram Srinivas

RELEASE DATE : August 10th, 2005

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The film rolls down with a mix masala of action, family sentiment and love. Nandu alias Nanda Gopal (Mahesh Babu) grows up as a killer since childhood. Here, we are not bothered about his whereabouts. As a boy, Nandu joins the company of a professional killer (Rahul Dev) along with another boy Malli (Sonu Sood).

A greedy politician Siva Reddy (Sayaji Shinde) and his political friend Bachi Reddy (Kota Srinivasa Rao) – who form the core of the Opposition party want win the elections. Siva Reddy plans to create a sympathy wave by stage-managing an attempt on his life. He asks Bachi Reddy to execute the plan. He hires Nandu. While a political meeting is going on, Nandu aims the telescopic gun at the right side of Siva Reddy's chest. When he is about to fire, his target is shot in the forehead by some unknown person. Who is that unknown person? It forms a major twist.

The police are after Nandu. He escapes through daredevil tactics and gets into a running train. Co-passenger Parthu (Rajiv Kanakala) befriends him with Nandu and tells him that he is returning to his hometown Basarlapudi – twelve years after running away from his house. The police corner Nandu again at Gudiwada Railway station. When a police inspector tries to shoot Nandu, it accidentally kills Parthu.

Nandu is now in with the family members of the deceased Parthu. He wants to disclose his identity, but their love and affection stop him from doing so. He is forced to act as Parthu, whose niece (Trisha) starts loving him. However, the investigating CBI officials got know about Nandu's stay in Basarlapudi. How the young hired killer proves his non-involvement in Siva Reddy's murder and transforms himself into a gentleman forms the rest of the story.

Mahesh Babu as hired killer displayed extraordinary histrionics. He maintains dead silence from start to finish and very few dialogues (two words or a short sentence). This adds to the action-atmosphere of the movie. He is energetic in stunts sequences and he emoted well in all the sequences. Certainly, this type of characterization brings a feather in his cap.

Trisha gives a feel that she is not a match to Mahesh Babu. Her role is limited to teasing the hero and no direct link to the storyline. However, she is nice in dance sequences.

Prakash Raj played the role of a CBI officer, who investigates the killing of opposition party leader. His role is like the one he did in Nijam. Here also, the officer lets the hero go his way.

Nazar (as Satyanarayana Murthy) played the grandfather to Parthu. He holds some footage with sentimental scenes.

Sonu Sood played the role of Mahesh Babu's friend. His characterization comes out with a big twist in the climax.

Sunil appears as friend to Parthu (Mahesh as Parthu). He gains confidence of the hired killer and supports him whenever required, besides creating some comedy wave.

Brahmanandam played the role of son-in-law to Nazar. His comedy is nice.

Rahul Dev's role is limited to a few seconds in the beginning and a single episode in the climax part.

Sayaji Shinde's role too is cut short within few minutes.

Kota Srinvasa Rao played the main villain, who wants to become chief minister.

K. Viswanath appears in a single episode of two minutes as Director of CBI.

Sudha played the role of Parthu's aunt.

Tannikella Bharani performed as landgrabber, who tries to switch off the lands of Nazar.

Brahmaji performed as Tannikella Bharani's brother-in-law and gets into a single stunt episode.

Technical Details

Trivikram Srinivas, who handled the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction of “Athadu” has really donned a major responsibility.

The story has some novelty and executed in trendy way. Screenplay of the movie is mixed with bits and pieces – as it is clubbed haphazardly with action, love and sentiment. Certainly, the direction has all freshness and a few takings are worthwhile.

Lack of powerful dialogues is a minus point. Barring Mahesh Babu, this department could have been taken care of while dealing with other characters such as the villain.

Stunts by Peter Haynes are trendy and impressive.

Songs are better to hear but not that much impressive while watching on the screen. This department alone forms the factor of boredom as you watch the movie. They are often misplaced.

Music by Manisharma is excellent as usual. Background score is extraordinary.

Cinematography is good. The use of color-grading technique and graphics are to be commended.

Comedy is average. Apart from regular comedy scenes, this element in stunts sequence is good.

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The cat has come out of bag, now. The long-time lovers Jyothika and Surya have finally decided to make their affair official. It is reliably learnt that Jyothika and Tamil hero Surya (who acted in Manirathnam’s Yuva and Shivaputrudu) are going to tie the knots some time in September or October.

After the stupendous success of Chandramukhi and critical acclaim for her performance in the film, Jyothika was flooded with offers. She had also agreed to do two female leads in Nagarjuna’s Sri Ramadasu and Venkatesh’s Laxmi.

But suddenly Surya and Jyothika have decided to turn their 3-year romance into marriage. So she is said to have called up the producers in Telugu and told them her unavailability.

Jyothika and Surya

That is when Sneha was roped in for Sri Ramadasu.

Tamil comedian Vivek spilled the beans about their marriage on Filmfare awards stage but backed off again. Like all heroines Jyothika has been declining her affair with Surya publicly and to the media. Simran had denied the same but ended up marrying her boyfriend Deepak. Same was the case with Namrata Shirodkar (who finally tied the knots with Mahesh Babu).
Sada with Siddartha.
After Aparichitudu Sada is getting lot of offers in Telugu. Recently she signed a film with Balakrishna for Ambica arts. Now She is doing a film with Siddartha, current pin-up hero in K.S.Rama Rao's film, directed by Sivakumar a disciple of Maniratnam. The film also has Akkineni who is doing a film after a gap. Waheeda Rehman is pairing opposite Akkineni for the first time. She earlier did two films with Akkineni, infact her debut film Rojulu Maarayi is Akkineni's starrer. 
 Sada also signed another film with Madhavan as their pair proved lucky in Tamil. Their recent film Priyasakhi proved success at BO. This gives rumors a stop about Sada doing a film with Venkatesh, as she does not have immediate dates.

Trisha in Mahesh's next film?
6th August 2005

The buzz is that Trisha might be paired up with Mahesh Babu in yet another of his upcoming films. Though nothing is confirmed from the official sources, the talk is that Mega Producer C. Aswini Dutt is planning to produce a film with Mahesh in the lead. Gunasekhar might direct the film. This will surely become a fancy project in the trade circles. Gunasekhar and Mahesh delivered industry hit and Aswini Dutt is a mega producer.

New movie premistey dubbed from tamil movie kadhal: here are the following pics.
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Venkatesh, Sidhartha in Sumanth Arts Aata
30th July 2005

MS Raju is not only sending the boxoffice into a treat, but he is always entertaining the media circles. He is one of the big producers in the Telugu industry and could change the course of film making. He is precisely doing the same. He is proving that through his films and apparently, there is lot of enthusiasm in the media circles about his films. And reacing the expectations of the media, he always comes up with exciting combinations.

Sobhan directs Venkatesh, Sidhartha
What we are referring here is his upcoming production Aata. MS Raju revealed few details that were quite interesting about this project. Victoy Venkatesh and Sidhartha (NVNV fame) will play the lead in the film. It is indeed after a long gap Sumanth Arts is making a film with Venkatesh. Sumanth Arts first film was with Venkatesh - Satruvu. Varsham fame Sobhan will direct this film. There are two heroines in the film. The names are not revealed yet.

Bhupathi Raja story, Devisri's music
Bhupathi Raja is providing story for this film. Paruchuri Brothers are penning the script. Sitarama Sastry will pen the lyrics. Devisri Prasad, court music-director of Sumanth Arts, will compose the music. This is the first movie in the combination of Victory Venkatesh and Devisri.

Aata will go into production as soon as Pournami is done with production. Presently Paurnami is on sets with Prabhas in the lead and Prabhudeva as the director.
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Pournami inspired by real incident
A real life incident inspired the story of MS Raju's latest film Pornami. MS Raju is giving story and screenplay for this film. Prabhas, Trisha, Charmy, Sindhu Tolani and Madhu Sharma are playing mail leads. Prabhu Deva is directing this violent love story. 'On fire' would be the tagline of Pournami film. Devi Sri Prasad composed music. This film would go to floors in this month and would be released for Sankranthi 2006.


Mahesh Babu had chitchat with press on 29th June evening at the venue of audio release of Athadu. Here are the excerpts. Also checkout for Trisha's chitchat at the bottom.

29th June 2005

How did Athadu happen?
I heard the story of this film 3 years back. I was really excited by the way Trivikram narrated the script. But I already committed Nani and Arjun on my home banners. Trivikram and producers waited for me to complete these two films. Shooting of this film was started a month after I completed the work of Arjun. We made no compromise while working for this film. I am very much excited about the outcome of this film.

Trivikram is known as class director? And he is known for his panache in comedy-oriented dialogues. How do you feel about it?
Dialogues of Trivikram are very different from the dialogues of other writers. I used to modify the dialogues in my earlier films to suit my style. But with Trivikram at the helm, I had no choice but utter the way he has written them. It took me around 10 days to get adjusted to this style.

Trivikram is known for comedy punches? What kind of dialogues can we expect from Trivikram?
You will have lot many 'mass punches' in his dialogues of Athadu.

Shooting of Athadu film is delayed a lot. What is the reason for the delay?
When we make action film, it takes time as we did not want to compromise. There are 4-5 complicated action sequences that took enormous time. The climax of this film was shot indoor. Shooting indoor takes lots of time and efforts. We could not do more than 10 shots a day. Hence the delay!

We heard that 160 cameras were imported from London to shoot time-freeze effect shots in action sequence of this film?
Let me clarify about that media hype about this incident. Those 160 cameras we hired from London were not motion cameras, but still cameras that are used to shoot time-freeze effect shots. I would not like to give any unwanted importance to it.

What are the highlights of Athadu?
The love and action is rightly mixed in this film's script. We have not seen films in recent times where love and action have equivalent importance. Another highlight of the film is the characterization of hero character.

Trivikram worked for soft films so far. What prompted you to work for a mass film in his direction?
I was really shocked at the way he narrated the script. He has got terrific visualization. After Athadu film, he would join the list of my favorite directors.

You seem to be repeating Mani Sharma for most of your films. What is the reason?
Why should not I offer Mani Sharma the job of music direction? Give me one reason? He is the best in business and gives terrific music to all my films!

What did you like in Trivikram's working style?
Trivikram talks less and delivers more.

What is your experience of working with Jayabheri banner?
Jayabheri banner is the one of the best banners I have ever worked with. I am really happy with the producers.

What is your experience of working with Trisha?
Trisha is the best among the heroines I worked with so far. She is very spontaneous and does not take more than 2-3 takes for any scenes. It suits me as I do not take 2-3 takes for any shot.

Did you do any risky shots in this film?
If jumping from 12th floor is considered as a risky shot, I have done quite a few risky scenes in this film. However, I made sure that proper precautions are taken.

How do you compare this film with Okkadu?
It has become a ritual for media to compare all my latest films with Okkadu. Okkadu is over and let's forget about it. Each film is different in it's own way. Let us not compare. But I am sure that Athadu would also be a landmark film in my career like Okkadu.

All the tunes in Athadu are melodies? You did not want any mass songs in a mass film?
I do not classify songs as melodies or fast beat songs. I classify music as good music and bad music. Athadu has good music. Sometimes, it is good not to follow the formula and add noise pollution to the songs.

What would be the fans take on Athadu film?
Athadu film would excite all my fans right from the day one from the morning show. They would feel very happy after watching Athadu.

When is Athadu releasing?
29th July 2005

When would the shooting of your film with Puri Jagan starts?
From August 2005 onwards.

Chitchat with Trisha

Tell us about your experience in working with Mahesh Babu?
I am feeling really happy to work with Mahesh Babu. In fact Mahesh Babu is the most professional hero I have ever worked with. He is so passionate about films that he would come and sit in the sets even when his scenes are not being shot. He involves himself in every aspect of filmmaking.

How different is your character in this film from the ones you played in the past?
This character would have more comedy tinge to it. There is lots of entertainment in it.

All the films you have done in Telugu so far had very good and defined characters for you. Since this film is an action film and you are acting with such a big star like Mahesh Babu, is your role in this become limited?
I never wanted to do female oriented films. At the same time, I don't want to act in 3 scenes and 5 songs kind of film. Since it is an action film, I have a limited part play. But I am happy and satisfied with the way it shaped up.

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nireekshana & oka oorilo movie reviews!

Film: Neerikshana
Cast: Aryan Rajesh, Sridevi, Rajesh, Naga Babu, Jyothi, Chandramohan, Surya, Ali, Dharmavarapu, and others
Music: Srilekha
Cinematography: Sarath
Art: B Venkateshwara Rao
Editor: K V Krishna Reddy
Produced by: D Ramanaidu
Story, screenplay, dialogues and Directed by: N Seetharam
Release Date: July 01, 2005

Here comes another amateurish and silly product from veteran producer D Ramanaidu’s Sri Suresh Productions. Tepid narration, no coherence in the scene format makes the audiences look for immediate exit doors. Except for good songs (by Srilekha) and excellent cinematography by Sarath, there is nothing much to write about the film.


Anu (Sridevi), a rich businessman’s (Naga Babu) daughter, is highly sensitive. In a practical joke, a jealous classmate of hers Monika sends wrong message to her father that she is about to elope with a boyfriend. Her father takes it seriously and locks her in a remote farmhouse situated amidst a forest. Meanwhile, Ravindra (Aryan Rajesh), a good for nothing guy, lands in that farmhouse to escape from police. After a futile kidnap drama and silly moral classes taken by Anu, our hero becomes good man and unites the daughter and father in the end.


In every scene you get a feeling of déjà vu. Uninspiring screenplay laced with a joke-scene-song-sentiment format, Neerikshana looks a forced love story. Actually Aryan Rajesh’ character is very villainous till the end of the climax and there is no love between the lead characters but it has been treated as a love story. Out of the blue dream songs appear, for every 5 minutes a vulgar joke sequence goes on.

Aryan Rajesh is okay but he looks out of sync with the film. Sridevi looks cute but her character is half-baked one. Ali, Daramavarapu, Jyothi and all other seem okay.

Srilekha, the master of lifting songs, delivers lilting music, carefully lifting hit tunes from Tamil films. Sarath’s cinematography, particularly picturisation of songs, is fantastic.

On the whole, avoidable film.

Oka Oorilo Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5
Caption: Routine Love theme
Banner: Friendly movies
Cast: Tarun, Raja, Saloni, Chandramohan, Ramaraju, Sunil, Naresh, and others.
Mysic: Devi Sri Prasad
Photography: Arjun
Songs: Ananth Sriram
Producer: Chanti Adala
Story, Screenplay, Direction: Ramesh Varma
Release Date : 1st Jul 2005

Seenu (Tarun), Ravi (Raja) and Lalitha (Saloni) are childhood friends. While Seenu and Lalitha stay back in the village, Ravi has to shift to Hyderabad, as his father (Naresh) launched an industry there. Now that Seenu and Lalitha are grown up and studying in the same college, their friendship turns into love. She is the daughter of a school teacher (Chandramohan), while Seenu’s parents are quite rich. But his father (Ramaraju) is a bit rough and tough guy. He is more attached to his younger sister who is away abroad. One day she arrives at the village and wants his brother to fulfill the promise he made to her to get his son Seenu married to her daughter (off screen character). By then Ravi and Lalitha reveal their love filled hearts to each other. But this proposal of Ravi’s father announcing that he should marry his sister’s daughter poses a big problem to the lovers. Even Lalitha’s father is highly concerned. The two decide to elope and Seenu’s mother (Yamuna) pities his son and gives him money and encourages to proceed with their plans.

They are now in Hyderabad. One Auto Johnny (Ali), cheats them and takes the entire money left with them. Lalitha pawns her gold bangles and gets their meal. That is when his childhood friend Ravi (Raja) suddenly reveals. They recognize each other. Ravi takes them his house. Initially his father (Naresh) takes pity on them and even promises of getting the married. And he gets a job for Seenu in some Courier firm. But Seenu, who is a bit lazy right form childhood, decides to go back to village, but only after they become man and wife. For that purpose he brings ‘Mangalasutram’ and insists on hastening the process of their marriage. But Lalitha is a bit adament to go slow. He disappears one day saying to that he was going on tour to Vijag. Later he is not seen.

Ravi starts taking care of Lalitha. He takes her to the village. Seenu’s parents say that their son has left for USA, to the shock of Lalitha. She takes lot of time to settle down.By then she lost her father too who suddenly died. And Ravi’s mother insults her at every opportunity and drives her out of the house. Only then Ravi comes out with the real story of what happened to Seenu and how sincere he was as to his love for Lalitha. The last part is set as suspense drama. He dies in an accident, leaving Lalitha to Ravi’s care.

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'Saakshi' Rangarao (Photo Courtesy: Eenadu)

Renowned actor 'saakshi' (Rangavajhula) Rangarao passed away yesterday (June 27) at 5:55 p.m. in Chennai. He was aged 63 years and survived by two sons and a daughter. He had been ill since May 05, and had been admitted in hospital since then. Kidney failure due to diabetes ultimately led to death, doctors said.

Ranghavajhula Rangarao is the son of Sree Lakshminarayana and Smt. Ranganayakamma of Kondiparru village near Gudivada. Starting from petty jobs, he became an actor with Bapu-Ramana's 'saakshi' (1967), and thus became 'saakshi' Rangarao. (Incidentally, his last son, who's an actor too, is known as 'saakshi' Shiva.) He acted in about 800 movies since then, and was casted in almost all movies of K. Viswanath and Bapu.

He excelled as a character artiste, comedian, and even as a villain in some movies such as Bapu's 'bangaaru picchuka'. His roles in K.Viswanath's SankaraabharaNam, saagara sangamam, and Srutilayalu are quite memorable. His limited appearance in movies such as Bapu's peLLi pustakam, tyaagayya and Chantabbai is cherished. He also acted in K. Viswanath's recent project swaraabhishEkam.

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'Anand' fame Raja is booked by another banner for the film 'Vennela'. He is already working for the film 'Mogudu Pellam Oka Dongodu' beside Shriya and also portrayed a special role in the film 'Oka Oorilo' starring Tarun and Saloni.

The new banner 'Fourth Dimension Entertainments' is making the film 'Vennela'. A fresh American-Indian teen is playing the female lead in the film.

Raja has also played a role in the film 'Aa Naluguru'.

Keeping pace with the hi-voltage Trisha can leave you a bit breathless. She talks nineteen to the dozen - that too with the velocity of a quizmaster in a rapid-fire round. The city is asleep at 11.30 p.m., but the model-turned-actress is all smiles. And not without reason. For life has finally come up orchids for her. With a diary that's crammed with call sheets, Trisha is straddling two cities - Chennai and Hyderabad, devouring every minute under the flashbulb.

Looks like Hyderabad has become your second home...

Not second, first. (Laughs) Just joking. But yes, there are plenty of offers. I'm doing "Athadu" with Mahesh Babu and there's a Raghavendra Rao film too. The budgets are big, and above all, I don't feel homesick in Hyderabad. I've picked up the language quite well.

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Related Gallery
As reported by TotalTollywood earlier, Sada is roped up with Balayya for Ambika Cinema Productions Pvt. Ltd. The film is officially launched here at Ramanaidu studios on 25th June. AS Ravikumar Chowdary will direct Balakrishna and Sada for this film. Dasari Narayana Rao gave the first clap and EVV Satyanarayana switched on the camera. K.Raghavendra Rao directed the first shot.

Trisha Interview: 'I get what I deserve'

Normally, an actress whose debut film releases after much delay and ends up being a damp squib at the box office would be branded unlucky. Trisha should have been a classic example of this unfortunate phenomenon after her debut films in both Tamil and Telugu ended up being not much to write home about. But today, she's the uncrowned numero uno of Tollywood. With hits like Varsham, Nuvvastanante Nenodantana and Yuva, she has established herself as a creditable actor.

In the city to shoot producer Raghavendra Rao's new film, Trisha reveals why she's a cut above the rest. In a male-dominated industry, actresses sign films merely to be seen on screen playing opposite the top guns but not Trisha. "I've turned down certain films because my role wasn't good enough. Some actors may feel offended, but I realise that at the end of the day, I would have achieved nothing if I play a insignificant part. I'm aware that a film primarily sells because of its hero and that he gets paid more. But that's no reason to confine myself to doing the song and dance routines," she says. Experience has made her wiser, she explains. "I made some mistakes in Tamil and learnt from them. When Tirupachi released, I was disappointed that I didn't have a great role."
She's said to be the highest paid actress in Tollywood. But Trisha laughs it off with, "I get what I deserve. When producers don't mind paying me why do others have a problem?"

She dismisses the number one tag, too, saying, "At least 10 girls enter the industry everyday. Generally actresses have a short career span. Maybe after a few years I'll move on and start a restaurant of my own. I'll quit graciously before people get tired of me." Trisha adds matter-of-factly, "I want to get married and have kids at the right time. I admire Kajol and Simran for taking a break at the peak of their career and starting a family."

Among her forthcoming films, she's excited about Athadu, where she tries her hand at comedy for the first time. On the cards is another film directed by Prabhudeva. "I'm at a stage where I can experiment a little," she says thoughtfully. "Recently, a Tamil producer approached me for a remake of Missama. I love Bhoomika's role in that movie. This project is still in the initial stages."

Life's been a roller coaster ride for this former Miss Chennai, barring the morphed MMS clip episode. Having put the incident past her, she says, "It was shocking to see how people can morph pictures. For a month, I was suspicious and used to check my hotel room for spy cameras. I still don't let anyone click my photographs using a camera phone."

Source: Hyderabad Times

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